cole chance | Recovery
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Addiction is insidious and takes many forms; substance abuse being only one manifestation.  Many find themselves suffering from toxic relationships, codependency, eating disorders, anxiety, perfectionism, this list goes on and on.  The common thread is a disconnection from self; an isolation from who we are and the world around us.


Yoga is to yoke, to connect, to create union.  Yoga is here to help us harmonize our lives and create balance in an ever changing and challenging world.  We can and do recover.  You can not only regain your life and your truth; I truly believe you can ALCHEMIZE your ADDICTION and live a life you never dreamt possible.


I stumbled onto  the path of yoga through a long and severe battle with drugs and alcohol.  After unsuccessfully exhausting many efforts, I decided to hold tight to yoga and with the help of asana, meditation, breathwork,  (and an amazing therapist!) I was able to reclaim my inner power, peel back the armor and layers I had been suffocating under, and begin to come back to wholeness.
More about my story Here
Anyway I can support you or help find yoga, meditation, or support in your area please don’t hesitate to reach out….